Filming Locations

Heritage Classics Motorcar Company

The largest classic car showroom in Los Angeles.


A sleek boutique that sells clothing and accessory pieces designed by the Kardashian sisters.

Christian Louboutin

A luxury¬†shoe boutique that channels Hollywood’s Golden Age through its iron gates, diner-style bar stools, arched walls, and red carpet.

Salon Benjamin

A hair salon that reinforces an understated and simple approach to beauty. The salon and adjacent apothecary is located in a standalone building in the heart of Los Angeles’ most sophisticated lifestyle area.

Raphael Haute Coiffure

A sophisticated and upscale salon that provides a warm lounge experience and relaxing atmosphere.

Pink Iron

A gym that is specifically designed for women’s workouts and features a bright pink weight room.

Makeup Mandy

A beauty studio that specializes in eyelash extensions, eyebrow upkeep and make-up.


A 35,000 square-foot fitness club that takes design inspiration from classic 1950s/60s Hollywood nightclubs.

Dry Bar

A hair salon that specializes in blow outs.

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