Filming FAQs

Do I need a film permit?

Unless you are filming in a licensed film studio, a valid film permit issued by the West Hollywood Film Office is required for all shoots on public and private property. Even if the location is a private residence or business, a film permit is required.

How do I get a film permit for West Hollywood?

First, contact the West Hollywood Film Office at (323) 848-6489 for an application. The City’s Film Coordinator will discuss the particulars of your production, and let you know what special conditions will apply, whether or not a Sheriff’s Deputy is required, and any other information needed to secure the permit. For more information, please reference the city website’s page, Apply For A Film Permit.

What kind of insurance do I need to film in the city of West Hollywood?

$1 million liability insurance with clause to additionally insure the City of West Hollywood, its officials and representatives. Student productions must provide insurance from the school they attend.

Do you require law enforcement or security for our production?

Law enforcement personnel are usually required for filming activity. In West Hollywood, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies must be used. Sheriff’s Deputies are retained by calling the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. at (323) 267-4814. Fees for deputies are invoiced separately by the Sheriff’s Department.

Are fire officials required on set?

Each request for filming will be reviewed by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Fire Safety Officers or Advisors may be required. Fees for fire officials are paid separately as invoiced by the County Fire Department. For specific information, call the Fire Dept. Film Desk at (818) 364-8240.

Where can we park during filming in West Hollywood?

All vehicles and equipment associated with filming activities must park in posted spaces only. The production company is responsible for putting up and taking down all “No Parking/Tow Away” signs. Requests for posting on City streets may require signatures from merchants and/or residents to confirm notification (not for approval). “No Parking/Tow Away” signs must be posted 48 hours prior to the start of production in residential areas to be enforceable; 24 hours prior in commercial areas. Crew cars must be parked on private property; posted spaces are for production equipment and vehicles only. All requests for posting should include a parking map, and parking meter numbers where applicable. For more information about parking, please click here.

Are there any specific restrictions for filming hours?

Normal hours for filming are 7am to 10pm, and 8am to 10pm in residential areas on weekends. Extended hours filming is prohibited in residential neighborhoods. Extended hours filming in commercial areas may be allowed, depending on impact and proximity to residential areas. Signature approvals are not accepted by the West Hollywood Film Office.

How do we notify residents and businesses of our intent to film?

Notification of residents and/or businesses within a 500-foot (or more) radius of the filming location is required. Only letters composed with West Hollywood guidelines and requirements will be accepted. See Notification Information for Location Filming for complete instructions. Permits will not be issued without submission of an approved notification letter.

Are there any discounts for student productions?

The city of West Hollywood will waive certain fees for student productions that meet specific requirements. For more information, please reference our student productions page.